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The FireNerds marketing plan for new businesses

As no two businesses are the same, no two marketing plans for businesses should be the same either. That's why FireNerds will generally want to talk to you for 15-30 minutes to find out about your business to create a marketing plan that will have the best impact.

Top Three Goals

  1. Use web forms and tracked phone lines to monitor the effectiveness of the online marketing. Additional toll-free or local phone numbers can be purchased and routed to your existing phones. Web forms can store lead information and route contact information to dedicated email addresses.
  2. Start using paid advertising on social media to drive targeted referral traffic to your website. By enabling your fans to recommend their contacts in their social network, we can create high impact advertising.
  3. Develop unique content for your website and post to your blog several times per week. This content should be of interest to your potential customer to attract the right kind of visitor.

Getting Started

  • Decide on your primary domain name used to market your product or service.
  • Launch a website to connect all of your marketing efforts together. If a custom website is above and beyond the needs of your company, consider a simple one-pager landing page.
  • Start a Blog. There are many tools available for creating a blog that is easy to maintain such as WordPress, Drupal or Tumblr.
  • Setup a Facebook Page - With a billion or so facebook users, this is an obvious place to start marketing efforts.
  • Create a LinkedIn Page - With a community based on business to business referrals, LinkedIn pages are effective for many types of corporate services.
  • Setup a Twitter account - Tweets are indexed immediately by Google and complements other marketing efforts.
  • Create a YouTube Channel - YouTube content is highly amplified in Google. An explainer video can walk a potential customer through the sales process and obviously explain your purpose clearly and effectively.
  • Leverage Social Media - By continuously pushing content through marketing channels, you will build a following and stay on the minds of potential customers until they are ready to take action.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the marketing gift that will keep on giving. Some web pages will generate traffic for years after they are created. If the content is helpful and indexed correctly the search engines will move your listing to the top of the keyword search to make their searchers happy. Domain registration and web hosting fees are nominal compared the paid advertising so SEO should usually be the long term goal of marketing plans.

Links should be generated in an intelligent way to guide internet visitors down the right path. By creating quality links, you can help visitors find the information for which they are looking and also increase your online reputation and subject matter authority.

Paid advertising starts your lead funnel

It can be a multi-step process from showing someone a social media advertisement, to getting them to entering a credit card on your website. This process is called a "lead funnel" since a large number of people will have some interest in your company, but a smaller number of people will engage with your company. You need prominent CTA's (Calls To Action) on every page of your website, which may include a phone number, email address, link to "Schedule a Free Consultation", get your free WhitePaper etc.

99% of corporate blogs are made to make money for the MARKETING company, not the ADVERTISING company. Content should be made to attract the types of people that would purchase your product, not be interesting for people that work for your company or are already familiar with your company. Many marketing companies and CEO's will generate content that is interesting to them personally, and not for the targeted visitor.

For example, if you blog about the new SodaStream machine that is now available to your employees in your break room, it would be of interest to people that are already aware of your company or care about the health and well-being of your staff. If you sell pianos and you post an article on "How to decide if I should purchase a piano with 61, 76 or 88 keys?" you will attract people that are in the research stage of purchasing a piano.

Google encourages websites that are "living" websites and grow organically. Google is looking for websites that add useful content on a regular basis, are well maintained and are given constant love and affection. I've seen companies that will post 50 articles on the day their website launched with no updates for years afterwards. If you add 2 articles to your blog each week for 25 weeks, this will show Google that your blog is an important priority for you.

The FireNerds marketing plan for a new business follows the philosophy of being honest with your customers by giving them the information they are expecting when clicking on a link or completing a web form, giving your customers something of value by giving them the information they need to decide if they want to engage with your company, and knowing that if you put in the groundwork for a long-term marketing plan your future efforts will build on the framework you setup today.


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