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Grammarly: because its always better to find you're mistakes yourself.

April 17, 2015

Grammarly is the new tool that I didn't know about 30 days ago but now I can't live without it. It has an easy interface, is very affordable and is a necessary tool for ANYONE that wants to be a serious writer. I thought my spell checker was enough, but I'm finding that even with all the words spelled correctly, I sometimes used the wrong word or could improve the readability.

The convenient thing about Grammarly is it works right in your browser in pretty much any place you would type a sentence or paragraph. When I'm working on a WordPress article, Grammarly will highlight mistakes and suggestions right on the page, or I can click a button and have the Grammarly software help me to improve my writing. After making my edits in the Grammarly popup, I click a button to update the web page with my updates.

In the example above, I was typing in my facebook update, and Grammarly automatically detected 2 critical issues. In just a few seconds, I can review the issues that Grammarly detected, click a button and have my post fixed before it gets published to my Facebook wall. The issues happened to be the commonly confused word "lets" with "let's" and the suggestion of using a better adjective than "good".

Using Grammarly is part of my blogging routine now, and I won't post anything online until I've run it through the software. Oddly enough, I'm more likely to ask for help from others to proofread my writing knowing that there are no common mistakes or mistyped words.

When I'm editing other people's work, Grammarly is the tool I grab first. I can find and fix errors more efficiently than reviewing the work without this tool. It can also quickly check guest blogger's work for plagiarized content that was "borrowed" from someone else. In fact, this article is the first one I've written without fixing my errors first so that I can demonstrate how it works.

The nominal fee to upgrade to the premium service will make you look so much smarter, it is a no-brainer.


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