Mobile Apps are growing at a pace we have never seen before.

There should be an app for that!

Android Apps

Android is the dominant smartphone platform with over 80% market share for 240 million devices total.

The Android infrastructure is open source which many new modules available every day. As with any open source project, it can be challenging to integrate non-compatible features.

Our developers will typically develop the Android Java code natively using Eclipse.

Our Android Nerds will ensure that your application will be a good complement to your project.

iOS Apps

iOS apps run on Apple iPhones and iPads and must be developed on Macintosh computers. Although iOS devices are only 15% of the smartphone market, the typical user will outspend an Android user by 20 times.

After the iOS app is developed, your app will be submitted to Apple for review. Apple will take approximately one week to either approve or reject your app based on some criteria. By requiring that all apps are tested before placed in the iTunes store, Apple ensures that iOS users will have a consistent and positive user experience.

Our iOS Nerds will develop your application in XCode using either Objective-C or Swift.

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